Rental Application Criteria

Thank you for your interest in renting one of our rental properties. Your screening will entail public and business record reviews and consultations to include any of the following: criminal, eviction, bankruptcy, public records, credit, landlord conditions, tenant history, income and reference checks. Upon your submittal of a completed copy of our application to rent (with fee), we will review, process, and report back to you our specific findings based upon established conditions and application criteria. The applicant with the most favorable overall rating will be given first consideration. Rental Application Criteria are listed below which could result in a lower rating/denial of your application. (Records kept for 60 days.)

  • The rental was committed to another party at the time we received your application.
  • You indicated disinterest and/or declined our offer of the rental unit.
  • You tentatively qualified, but the rental was given to another party with equal or better qualifications, or to another qualified party that applied earlier.
  • You needed to meet our conditions on rent, deposit, co-signer, use, or other.
  • You did not provide requested documentation in a timely manner.
  • Previous landlord/other references failed to provide needed timely information.
  • We were not able to hold the rental until the date you were able to pay the deposit and/or initial rent, assume tenancy, or meet other stipulated conditions.
  • You did not meet requirements on pets, occupancy, smoking, cars, or other terms.
  • You did not meet our standards for references, income, felony, credit, history, etc.
  • Your application was denied based upon a written credit report with optional FICO score; directions to receive a copy may be obtained by contacting per below.
  • Your consumer/credit report did not contain sufficient information.
  • You submitted an incomplete, inaccurate, unclear, or unsigned application.
  • You did not provide a phone number, call back, or return our calls or emails.
  • You did not submit the required screening fee.
  • Other conditions as specified.

In the event of adverse action due to a consumer report, applicant may contact below as to name and address of any participating consumer reporting agency, rental manager, or other landlord screening designee (see rights to obtain/dispute a free copy therein).

Landlord/Manager or Designee: Windermere Property Management/Sunland
Address: 137 Fairway Drive, Sequim, WA 98382
Phone: 360-683-6880


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